Salem Art Works

There are presently no open calls for applications.

Salem Art Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art center and sculpture park located in rural Upstate New York. Founded in 2005 by artist Anthony Cafritz, Salem Art Works is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work, as well as promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.

Salem Art Works is committed to serving artists. All of our programs, activities and services are provided equally without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or disability.

By submitting an application you agree to have read and understood both the application description and the terms and conditions of Salem Art Works Guest Agreement.

Salem Art Works Guest Agreement

[Guests include all individuals utilizing and/or visiting SAW’s property and/or facilities]
The undersigned agrees to maintain a certain standard of professional conduct as set forth in this agreement at all times while on SAW premises:
Illegal Activities: All individuals on SAW’s premises shall refrain from engaging in any activities termed illegal by the United States of America, the State of New York, and/or the local community. Any individual who does engage in illegal activities shall immediately relinquish their right to use SAW’s property and facilities. By signing this agreement, the undersigned hereby agrees to hold SAW and its agents, servants, and employees harmless from any and all liability that may result from any acts deemed illegal. These include, but are not limited to: harassment, violence, possession of illegal drugs, use of illegal drugs, and/or underage drinking.
On Premises Liability: The undersigned hereby acknowledges and understands that certain areas of the premises involve natural hazards such as hills, ditches, creeks, stone walls, animal dwellings, as well as farm machinery, equipment, barns, stairwells, etc. The undersigned guest hereby acknowledges that each of the above referenced conditions as well as building dimensions, stairways, railings, etc may reasonably lead to damage or injury if they are overlooked in any respect. By signing this agreement, the guest acknowledges that he/she has inspected and accepts the conditions of the premises and hereby agrees to hold SAW and its agents, servants, and employees harmless and indemnified from any and all liability of any manner relating to personal injury or property damage during the time and duration of their use of the premises.
Work Exchange and Off-Premise Liability: SAW will not sponsor or pledge security for work exchange or off-premise work programs. The undersigned agrees to hold SAW, its agents, servants, and employees harmless and indemnified for any and all claims of property damage or personal injury resulting from off-premises work or work exchange programs involving the individual.
Use of Vehicles/Tractors/Equipment: If a guest chooses to operate a vehicle, tractor, or other piece of equipment, that individual shall first seek written permission from SAW. Guests who choose to operate vehicles, tractors, and equipment after receiving permission from SAW do so at their own risk. The undersigned expressly holds SAW, its agents, servants, and employees harmless for any and all manner of personal injury or property damage resulting from the individual use of said vehicle, tractor, or piece of equipment. By signing this agreement, each guest hereby acknowledges that they may voluntarily refrain from use of any such vehicles, tractors, or other equipment and/or request that a SAW agent, servant, or employee operate and/or drive all vehicles, tractors, and equipment on premises.
Recreational Activities/Food/Drink/Utilities: SAW and its agents, servants, and employees will provide ongoing activities on premises for the benefit of guests. As such, each individual signing this agreement acknowledges that activities, food, drink, and use of certain utilities (if overlooked) may involve certain risks of harm based either on manner of performance, the level of ingestion, and/or the use of utilities. The undersigned agrees to take certain precautions and use reasonable care at all times for the benefit of him or herself and those around him or her while on the premises. Each guest shall hold SAW, its agents, servants, and employees harmless and indemnified from any and all manner of property damage and personal injury resulting from the negligent or reckless use of the premises during such activities.
Documentation: SAW reserves the right to document its visitors through photographs, video, sound, or any other format. SAW has the right to use this documentary material as it sees fit, including in future advertisements and promotional material.
Acknowledgement: The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees to follow and abide by the standards of conduct set forth for use of the SAW property. The undersigned has read and understood each term as set forth above and by signing below, the named individual fully comprehends and understands the above terms and acknowledges his or her ongoing duty to comply with the above terms as it relates to his or her use of the property. If at any time the named guest refuses to comply with the above terms, he or she shall notify SAW or one of its agents, servants, and employees, and the named individual shall voluntarily leave the premises without delay.
Salem Art Works